Fresh Hops

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Player Bio

Athletic Background

Played soccer and water polo through high school; Have been playing derby for 2 or 3 years

Roller Derby Background

2 years in Gunnison Valley Roller Girls

What drew you to roller derby?

Everyone’s a badass, and it’s a unique sport

Roller Derby Role Model

Scald Eagle

Describe the smell of your gear bag:

Gnarly…Unfit for human sniffing.

What is your favorite position?

Jammer and inside blocker

What is your favorite microbrew?

Anything from Black Bottle


Books, Beer, derby and Cats


Donald Trump, anybody who dislikes cats.

What music gets you pumped for a game?

Anything loud and fast


Work with children with disabilities/ Horses

Random facts

I can throw ice cream… and do tricks with it

What would you like to share with someone who has never experienced roller derby or who is new to the sport?

Don’t give up, even when it seems impossible, you have to keep pushing.

If you could meet any historical figure, past or present, who would it be and why?

Gloria Steinem; Cause she’s rad!