Psycho Sirens

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Player Bio

Athletic Background

I had never played any sports before derby! I even hated gym class. Derby changed my lifestyle.

Roller Derby Background

I’ve been skating since April 2016 with FoCo.

Derby Awards/Accolades

Culture Queen

What drew you to roller derby?

I had been in grad school for about a year, and had no free time for anything. I need something to force me to take some time for fun, and also to get some exercise in. It stuck with me immediately. It’s really hard to think about anything stressful when you’re busy trying not to fall on your skates!

What is your favorite position?



Food, Zelda, Family, Friends, Cats, Teaching and Pokemon!


Green beans, people being mean to each other and little dogs


Video games, sewing, baking, hanging with friends.

What would you like to share with someone who has never experienced roller derby or who is new to the sport?

Derby community is the absolute best. We aim to be inclusive and to have fun. Even if you have never skated in your life, in a couple of months, you’ll be zipping around in no time.