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Player Bio

Athletic Background

My enthusiasm stems from my high school cheerleading days. My other *less than* stellar athletic background includes being an avid football watcher but never actually playing any sports.

Roller Derby Background

This is my second year as an NSO. I trained and got started back in Lincoln, NE with the No Coast Derby Girls.

What first drew you to roller derby or how did you get started?

I was first drawn to roller derby after I stumbled upon a bout in Lincoln, NE. I loved that roller derby was empowering ALL females and there was no “right type” to be successful at the sport.

Who is your roller derby role model/hero and why?

Alicia Teaze from NCDG in Lincoln NE. Teaze is #goalz in terms of NSOing. She is sarcastic, organized, runs a flawless scrimmage and new NSO training, not to mention is legit certified as a Non-Skating Official.

What is your favorite officiating position?

I love Score Keeping (SK)!

What is your favorite microbrew?

I’m a wine-o so I don’t have a favorite microbrew!


Dogs, Denver Broncos, Sarcasm, Musical Theater, Drag Queens, Puns, Roller Derby, the 406, To Do lists, and Wine


Spiders, Dog Farts, Dark Beer, the Common Cold, Heavy Metal, Mean People, Donald Trump